Uber barred from operating in London

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Sep 2, 2019
Uber barred from operating in London

Uber Technologies Inc. lost its license in London for the second time in less than three years, putting one of its biggest markets outside of the U.S. at risk after the transport regulator said it failed to address safety concerns.

The company’s app has a vulnerability that allowed thousands of unauthorized users to pose as Uber drivers by uploading their photos to licensed accounts, Transport for London said in a statement on Monday. Uber has 21 days to appeal and can continue to operate while a magistrates’ court considers the decision.

At least 14,000 trips involved drivers who weren’t who the riders thought they were, including some who had revoked licenses, the TfL said. Dismissed and suspended drivers were also able to create an Uber account and carry passengers, it said.

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Jun 15, 2011
Travis Kalanick must be glad to have gotten out. Ghost restaurants or dark kitchens will grow to be a bigger market imo.


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Aug 9, 2009
Uber stripped of London operating licence over safety concerns

Transport for London has reportedly not renewed ride-hailing firm's licence; appeal expected to be lodged

Uber’s licence to operate in London hasn't been renewed by the Transport for London (TfL) regulator, striking a huge blow for the ride-hailing firm.

The operating licence of the American company, which was granted a two-month probationary extension by TfL in September, will expire by Tuesday. The decision not to renew was taken due to “several breaches that place passengers and their safety at risk”, TfL said in a statement.



Oct 29, 2010
The security issues sound egregious. Uber was warned and did nothing about their inability to crack down on the validity of licenses, the integrity of driver profiles and returning drivers who are banned from the platform.

They shouldn't just be threatened with a ban. They should also incur an enormous fine regardless of how things play out. Imagine losing a loved one because Uber didn't have any system in place to ensure that drivers are who they say they are, haven't been previously banned and have a valid drivers license.