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Aug 4, 2005
The question i sometimes ask myself lately is.. is a compact still camera worth buying? in this case yes.. waterproof rugged, but those delicate compacts.. nah, i have a phone for that :p


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May 12, 2006
All these frikkin gadgets! I look like I'm going to war every day with all the stuff on me ... and every damn one has its own unique charger and cables (power and USB) ... and demands a regular injection of juice. And no, no one device is good enough to replace a dedicated device. No phone camera beats a proper made-for-purpose camera. A phone (even the Note 2) cannot replace a tablet. A tablet cannot be a phone. A tablet can also not be my Ultrabook, and my Ultrabook cannot be my tablet (and no Windows 8 Pro hybrids and me don't get along). And then I have that large Lenovo T520 that must drag along at times because my personal Ultrabook is not allowed on the corporate domain.

The tough life of a cyber/gadget junkie ... :D