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Nov 22, 2010
UniNet is a South African telecommunications company with a proven tangible track record in deploying African developed and owned technology to provide low-cost communications solutions built especially for local market conditions.

Its converged services platform has been endorsed as a “best practices solution for developing countries” by leading global organizations such as the World Bank (InfoDev), the ITU (International Telecommunications Union) and the UN (ICT Task Force). The “UniFi Knysna” project received international acclaim for its innovative approach to partnership with Government that saw the building of the largest wireless municipal network on the African continent.

UniNet has recently been restructured under the leadership of Papi Molotsane (Ex-CEO of Telkom) and has positioned itself to play a significant role in the delivery of low-cost voice and data services to the sub-economic communities in SA.

The company has positioned itself to assist the South African Government and its organs to meet their key strategic and development goals. To this end, UniNet is focused on PPPs (private public partnerships) with local government. Its model of engagement with local government (Municipalities) is to enter into long term Managed Services Contracts to deliver a range of core communications and related services.


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Mar 22, 2019
Hi, is Uninet still operating, or did they close down? I ask because there this old rusting Uninet box and old antenna on a tower that is falling apart and I don't know who to speak to about either removing it or fixing it up for themselves. Keen to know, drop me a mail on ziggy@toomuchwifi.co.za