US opens terahertz spectrum for 6G wireless data

Joseph matane

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Feb 7, 2017
I think 6G will be more like fixed wire broadband in fact wireless broadband is going to function as fixed wired broadband for example 6G towers will pick up where 5G mmwave started tower antenna will distribute signal to CPE antenna installed at your home and that CPE antenna will have optical fibre cable that connects the router and other devices will connect to router via wireless connection, this will result in semi last mile fixed wire connection were we buy CPE like router, cables and antenna from ISP and also expect installation from ISP for fee or for free, 6G will focus on home broadband and business broadband only, 5G will be last mobile broadband solution, and I don't think small cell tech will make sense in 6G deployment we are moving towards improved satellite broadband that will be cheaper and capped data usage will be replaced even FUP will be replaced by new policy
In most cases MNO will roll out 6G to towers then reseller all services to ISP antenna will bounce the signal to your house, distance won't matter much since the new tech will make sure CPE antenna will function as signal repeater