Vodacom Connectivity in Groot Brakrivier area

Igor III

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Oct 5, 2015
I am currently in the process of having a house built in Bothastrand and when Vodacom launched their 300GB + 300GB data deals, their coverage map showed that LTE is indeed available for my new area. Obviously I signed up for the 24 month contract as fibre were not available.

I have been to the building site a few times this past 2 months (I lived in JHB at the time of signing up) and noticed that there is absolutely no Vodacom signals (voice and data).

Question: Is there a way I can either get out of the contract (as it is of no use for my needs), or get Vodacom to provide a signal to the area that there coverage map claims there are availability?

The voice option is easy, I just need to hop to MTN, as I am not bound by a contract with Vodacom, the data option is the problem.


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