Vodacom Disappearing Data


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Nov 15, 2010
I have been really disappointed with Vodacom due to their response to my dispute around data usage.
They have repeatedly closed tickets that still have not been resolved.
They refuse to supply detailed data usage stats in a useable format.
They told me that they could give me the details but only verbally - this I declined as I want it on Vodacom paper as evidence.
I was sent a waiver document which basically said I could not use the data against Vodacom basically negating my rights.
They eventually provided a detailed usage but it was packet data traffic and not actual bandwidth used.
They offered me three months free - an admission of guilt.
They agreed to cancel the contract but have not done so.
Their Executive Client Liaison Officer has not responded to emails since 21 October despite my threatening Vodacom with criminal charges.
I really do not know how to proceed other than to lay a criminal charge against the directors of Vodacom.



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Apr 5, 2008
@odpaver - If you have strong feelings/facts about your matter then proceed to consult with an attorney specialising in this field to guide you on the way forward. This forum has no reasonable prospect of resolving your problem unfortunately.
NB: Lastly I would NOT SIGN or Verbally Admit any facts before consulting the said attorney if I intend to proceed with legal action against Vodacom!!!!


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Aug 15, 2019
I was on a Vodacom contact from 1992 till 2004. Never really had a problem with them. Vodacom imho still the best in the industry.

I'm on prepaid now. And back on Vodacom.MTN pissed on my battery from 2005 till January this year. Keep sending me spam and ****. I'm not black I'm white. And I don't appreciate all the kak ads featuring funny blacks.

I'm over MTN.

Even the MTN app is a mess. It simply doesn't work properly.