Vodacom ISP injecting code into our internet traffic!


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Feb 22, 2010
@quovadis, not a lawyer hey... must be in the industry though. :)
Anyway, sure.... No one wants to go to court... least of all me. I see your point about it being a criminal case and I agree, I don't see the point in that for what the issue is.
I am just getting fed up with Vodacom (and other corporates) taking chances. And it is impossible for us to get through to anyone that can actually sort the problem out. It's just unbelievably frustrating.
It's not like I am interested in a damages claim.... More like a cease and desist.

Personally, I am just going to change providers and vote with my wallet so to speak. But this does impact on my clients and means we have to put in additional development effort that we otherwise would not have to worry about.