Vodacom says it has no plans for mobile uncapped data packages


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May 24, 2010
Vodacom's uncapped experiment

Vodacom has recently started offering uncapped LTE products again through Internet service provider Axxess despite running into capacity problems with similar services last year.

However, the company has said it has no plans to relaunch its own uncapped fixed wireless plans.
In that case, we shall keep Starlink running for only +/-R710 a month uncapped at up to 200Mbs.

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Go for it, if you like to spend more than you should. See the post above yours.
50Mbs :(
Not sure if that deal allows roaming around the country, it says Home Internet
Vodacom , you can take anywhere. I have one trust me.
Nice, a guy at work has a similar device/package and he cannot on Cell C, locked onto a tower it seems but I am not sure
Hmmm..... I wonder who came up with the patent for mobile uncapped data? :unsure:
This is probably good enough for most people:

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What I have at my holiday home and it is perfect. Often hit 100Mbps on speed tests, never below 50Mbps. We battle to use 300GB over holidays.

At home, the only reason we use 1,5TB is because of my son constantly download Steam games - I swear he downloads a game each time he plays it.

Totally sustainable.

Just not profitable enough because of their greed. Their infrastructure and capacity is greater or equivalent to most of the "1st world" countries, and most of them offer uncapped mobile data deals along with voice in the 1st world countries.
We took an uncapped home wifi deal from Vodacom in Nov 2022, as an upgrade from a previous one, only to the other day now when I looked on the routers IP address, that it's throttled at 400GB, but capped at 600GB, and not uncapped like what we signed for 2 years back... Luckily we've never used 600GB in a month...