Vodacom stole from me


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Nov 1, 2014
Ok so it was only R29 for Vodacom Ticket WhatsApp 30 days but it was theft. I have permanent wifi and I find 50M data covers any other time I'm not connected nicely so last night I decided to buy another R50M monthly data allocation and after accepting I saw a flash on my phone screen saying I've bought a Vodacom Ticket WhatsApp 30 days for R29.
I'm complaining here in the hope of having somebody from Vodacom help me to reverse this transaction. One can no longer reach an operator via the help line, no online chat on the myvodacom web site and the last remaining bastion - twitter to @vodacom and @Vodacom111 gave no response after I had a web access problem with Vodacom during a Rain interruption. Fortunately I purchased an Mtn sim because Vodacom kept going down during load shedding to carry on working.
I first became a Vodacom customer in the 90s I had a very large Siemens S4 contract phone, there was a break after that and I started back up with Mtn, who promptly allowed a partially downloaded not required ringtone to be charged at a monthly rate. I changed back to Vodacom prepaid and have had fantastic service and support from Vodacom up until the end of last year when things started going south, still I had good service from the twitter guys but no longer.