Vodacom's Daylight Robery


New Member
Mar 26, 2020
I have been with vodacom for 17 years now and it has been a struggle.
Since January 2020 I have been disputing the data that Vodacom is charging me on my top up contract.
I'm being charged by vodacom on one of my contracts data of about R1000.
In January when I spoke to them they told me that on my top up contract I have activated data bundles through the vodacom app and I explained to them that I havent activated any bundles as I also don't use the app and if they could please investigate.
The vodacom back office in January then came back to me explaining that they cannot pick up from where the bundles were activated of which I was told that they had cancelked the activity and I was refunded.
This month same problem and I'm being told that the bundles have been activated from the vodacom app "which I don't use" and that I'm liable for the costs.
I really dont know what else to do because there's clearly something not right and vodacom don't want to help as I also asked them if I send the phone back to them for a month so that the can witness themselves that I don't activate any bundles but they say they can't keep my phone for monitoring.