Want to use Synology DS218 as Proxy


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May 13, 2010
I have a DS218 I am using as a media server (only for devices within my network), I am thinking of also using it as a gateway/proxy server mainly because I would like to have most of my household work through a vpn.

Think it's possible for me to set up the NAS to run as a proxy server but also connect to the internet via a VPN?
I also think I'll just be changing the gateway on all devices that need vpn as I do not want to lose the B315's wifi range.

Main reason/s for wanting to do this are as follows:
Considering replacing my Vodacom 100GB+100GB with the new Rain package and don't want to be throttled.
International/US Netflix.

My current network setup is pretty simple.
Internet comes through a Huawei B315.
House LAN is through TP-Link EOP (1x AV-600 Wifi kit and 1x AV600 kit).

Will be for around 4 android devices, 2 pc's (one is plugged into a tv) a laptop, cctv, smart tv or Fire TV Cube (as the cube is plugged into the tv).

At a push I'll only have the TV/firetv/1 pc run through the nas.

Main reason I want to use the nas for this is because it's the only device that is always at home and always on.

Thanks in advance.


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Jan 19, 2011
Unlikely, IMO.
The proxy part looks simple enough with their "Proxy Server" package. But there doesn't seem to be a VPN client package (also, you'd most likely need a second NIC, which the DS218 doesn't support.)