We tested Samsung's Galaxy SmartTag


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May 24, 2010
Samsung Galaxy SmartTag tested — with good results

We tested the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag and found it a useful tool to locate important items you misplaced.

The SmartTag is a Bluetooth tracker that works with Samsung Galaxy devices in the area to provide an accurate location of the tag.
I have some of these and I have Tile Pros. I would say definitely get tese over the Tile if you have a Samsung phone.
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Apparently Google is working on functionality for Android to notify you if someone is trying to use one of these to track you. Apple has this already.
But is it way cheaper than Airtags, or not?
These will only work with Samsung phones. IMO get an Airtag if you have an iPhone. Get a Galaxy Smart tag of you have a Samsung. Get a Tile if you have another android phone.