Webafrica Cancelation


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Jul 19, 2011
Webafrica's support sucks. they funnel you to whatsapp where you wait hours for an agent and then hours for them to reply.

I finally managed to log a fault, that got closed without being resolved. pretty fed up so I have decided to cancel.

But whoop they force you to agree that you will return a router or pay R999. Problem is I never accepted their router so I'm not agreeing to pay them R999 for the honour of cancelling.

Any ideas what I can do? seeing as Whatsapp support is about as useful as a car without wheels.


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Jul 6, 2007
This is the same scam they have been pulling since the start of covid. It might even have been before then. There are countless individuals complaining about the exact same thing.

They have no interest in resolving issues or helping you. You will not find someone to talk to. You will not get to argue your case.

To be honest the easiest/quickest way is just to pay up and move on. Write it off as really expensive school fees. Or else you risk having your line locked up while you, the ISPA and WA have fisticuffs. Which is btw going to be your only other resolution other than paying up.

I don't like it and I don't agree with it. But it is what it is.