Where are the Dell techs?


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Sep 29, 2006
I have a Dell Optiplex 745 USFF, definitely a little elderly. Last week it decided to do a random restart shortly after a cold boot (booted into Windows 7, then it restarted shortly after I had opened an app) and then repeated this behaviour a few times at different intervals.

I opened it and found a few swollen caps on the motherboard, replaced those with same spec caps and reassembled. It booted and ran fine, I left it on for a few hours and shut it down. The following morning I started it and was greeted by a flashing amber LED on the power switch. I've tried the various 'fixes' as found on YouTube, with the nett result that the power LED no longer even illuminates. I checked for shorts and ran the board out of the case.

Currently, the power supply checks out OK, 12 volts on all 3 pins, the motherboard LED comes on but nothing else happens, no fans, no HDD, nothing. I pulled it apart, removed the replacement caps, tested them with a DMM and replaced them, but no dice. Is the motherboard now history or is there something else that someone with more experience on these machines can suggest that I try?