Who's used Easeus PCtrans?


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Sep 29, 2006
I'm trying to transfer an ancient version of Quickbooks from an equally ancient PC to a new(er) laptop. The install disk is lurking somewhere in a box/drawer and I cannot find a download source - the version I use is v6.0 Pro, probably circa 2001.

Quickbooks chat inform me that they only support versions from 2006 onward, so I'm using PCTrans, the free version, apparently good for transferring 2 apps maximum:


I used the PC-PC option, everything progressed and completed as expected, but when I check the target laptop, the application is nowhere to be found. I then tried the Image option, but when I tried to apply the image to the target laptop, Easeus informs me that the app is already resident, but I cannot find it anywhere on that machine.

Any clues? Both machines are on Windows 7.
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