Wifi: Unable to Obtain IP Error


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Jul 14, 2016
Work WiFi network gives me this error on my Samsung phone.
Just died one day all of a sudden and never connected, giving the same error each time.
Some users are able to connect with android devices, other colleague also with a Samsung cannot connect.
What is the problem here?

AFAIK nothing changed settings wise. The login identity and password is our account used to login to Windows and MS services.
These settings allowed me to connect before (Android Phone):
EAP Method: PEAP
Phase 2 Auth: None
CA Certificate: Don't Validate
Identity: Name.Surname (MS Exchange Account)
Password: Login Password for MS account
IP Settings: DHCP
Proxy: None
Security: 802.1xEAP
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Feb 14, 2014
Thanks I did. They sit in another country and all they said was they rebooted the AP and can see clients connected to the WiFi network, so it's working.
Fark me, useless IT department.

Ask them to check the Radius server logs to see if you are authenticating correctly, and ask them to check if there are available IP's left in the DHCP pool....