Win 10 networking issue


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Dec 22, 2013
Hi all,

I just want to ask a few questions.


1x Win 10 Pro PC
1x Win 10 Home PC

Win 10 Pro PC has a Samsung lazer printer attached via USB cable.
Win 10 Pro PC is on a private network
Printer is shared.
PC is shared
Workgroup is "JOE" ( Joe is just a name replacement for the actual name )

What I want:

I need the Win 10 Home PC to be able to print through the network on the Win 10 Pro PC

Win 10 Home PC is on a public network ( I can't change it to private unless I'm missing something )

The Win 10 Home PC can ping the Win 10 Pro PC, but Explorer doesn't see it and \\ comes up with an error that it cant connect / find it
Pro PC is
Home PC is

Is it maybe possible I'm having issues because one is HOME and one is PRO? ( I've disabled firewall and all the usual stuff ).
Is it maybe possible the anti-virus is causing the issue? ( AV is NOD32 )

P.S. Before Win 10 HOME the user had Win 10 Pro and it worked. I could see the machine, access shared folders and the printer. Could this difference between one having HOME and one having PRO be the issue?

Any help would be appreciated.


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Jan 24, 2019
Hi, should not cause an issue between home and pro. Have you tried to share the folder / printer with everyone, then try to access from the other pc?