Uncapped ADSL prices compared: Telkom vs the rest

Telkom announced on 24 January 2013 that it will reduce its consumer uncapped ADSL products by up to 40%. These price cuts will apply to both standalone and bundled ADSL products.

Telkom’s new uncapped ADSL prices surprised many consumers and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) as they undercut most existing offers in the market.

Telkom’s bundled uncapped offerings (which include an ADSL line and an uncapped account) are particularly aggressively priced.

Telkom’s new uncapped ADSL prices already have many ADSL users looking at moving their accounts to Telkom.

“This is actually brilliant! Yes, we all want naked ADSL but this can only be good for all of us as we will save. ISP’s have to respond to this somehow,” said one commentator. “Sheesh those [prices] aren’t bad. Might move,” said another.

This raises the question of how Telkom’s new uncapped ADSL prices compare with other ISPs.  The following table answers this question.

Standalone ADSL account prices
1Mbps standalone ADSL accounts
Cybersmart 184
Web Africa 189
Openweb Silver Uncapped 189
Axxess 196
Afrihost 197
do Uncapped Basic 199
MWEB 199
Imaginet 199
Lantic 199
RSAWeb 329
2Mbps standalone ADSL accounts
do Uncapped Advanced 249
Openweb Silver Uncapped 249
Cybersmart 295
Axxess 296
Afrihost 297
Web Africa 299
Imaginet 299
MWEB 369
4Mbps standalone ADSL accounts
do Uncapped Premium 369
Cybersmart 395
Afrihost 397
Imaginet 399
Openweb Silver Uncapped 429
Axxess 496
Web Africa 499
RSAWeb 499
Lantic 499
MWEB 539
10Mbps standalone ADSL accounts
Axxess 496
Openweb Silver Uncapped 629
do Uncapped Premium Plus 699
Cybersmart 795
Afrihost 797
MWEB 999
Web Africa 999
Bundled ADSL account prices
1Mbps bundled ADSL accounts
Cybersmart 295
Afrihost 297
do Uncapped Basic 329
MWEB 339
Web Africa 339
Imaginet 349
Lantic 351
2Mbps bundled ADSL accounts
do Uncapped Advanced 459
Cybersmart 495
Afrihost 497
Web Africa 549
Imaginet 568
MWEB 599
4Mbps bundled ADSL accounts
Cybersmart 695
Afrihost 697
do Uncapped Premium 699
Imaginet 795
Lantic 889
MWEB 899
Web Africa 899
10Mbps bundled ADSL accounts
Cybersmart 895
Afrihost 897
do Uncapped Premium Plus 999
MWEB 1359
Web Africa 1399

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Uncapped ADSL prices compared: Telkom vs the rest