Uncapped ADSL: Telkom versus MWEB

MWEB announced the launch of its new, cheaper uncapped ADSL products which will be available from 1 February 2013.

MWEB’s product release follows Telkom’s announcement on 24 January 2013 that it will reduce its consumer uncapped ADSL products by up to 40% and will cut the price of its business uncapped products by up to 35%.

MWEB’s new products will complement its existing Premium Uncapped ADSL product suite.

The main difference between MWEB’s current uncapped service and its new, cheaper offering is that the new accounts will be throttled with high usage.

“We will monitor usage across these products and reserve the right to throttle the connection speeds of the top percentage of subscribers on these products that generate usage above the average,” said MWEB ISP CEO Derek Hershaw.

Hershaw explained that they will maintain a fair service for all their subscribers by implementing throttling on high usage users where applicable (throttled speeds: 2Mbps, 192Kbps; 4Mbps – 256Kbps.”

Telkom in turn said that they are removing day-time restrictions on their uncapped ADSL consumer products.

This raises the question of how Telkom’s uncapped ADSL prices compare with MWEB’s new rates. The following tables provide an answer to this question.

It should be noted that MWEB’s 1Mbps and 10Mbps products remain unchanged (and hence were not listed in this comparison).

Uncapped ADSL prices
2Mbps standalone
MWEB (throttled) R239
Telkom do Uncapped Advanced R249
MWEB (premium) R369
4Mbps standalone
MWEB (throttled) R359
Telkom do Uncapped Premium R369
MWEB (premium) R539
2Mbps bundled (account and ADSL line)
MWEB (throttled) R449
Telkom do Uncapped Advanced R459
MWEB (premium) R599
4Mbps bundled (account and ADSL line)
MWEB (throttled) R689
Telkom do Uncapped Premium R699
MWEB (premium) R899

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Uncapped ADSL: Telkom versus MWEB