Cheapest uncapped ADSL ever from SA ISPs

Telkom slashed its uncapped ADSL prices on 1 February 2013, which sparked a price war in the South African Internet service provider (ISP) market.

Most prominent ISPs, including MWEB, Web Africa, Cybersmart and Openweb, announced new prices which compete more favourably against Telkom’s new uncapped rates.

Consumers can now subscribe to a 1Mbps uncapped ADSL account for as little as R175 per month (excluding ADSL access and line rental).

It can be challenging to keep up with all the uncapped ADSL price movements in the market over the last two weeks, but the following table makes it easy to compare the new prices.

It should be noted that only service providers which recently reduced their rates are listed below.

Standalone ADSL account prices
1Mbps standalone ADSL accounts
Cybersmart R175
Web Africa R179
Openweb Vanilla R179
do Uncapped Basic R199
2Mbps standalone ADSL accounts
Cybersmart R235
Openweb Vanilla R239
Web Africa R239
MWEB (throttled) R239
do Uncapped Advanced R249
4Mbps standalone ADSL accounts
Cybersmart R335
Openweb Vanilla R339
Web Africa R339
MWEB (throttled) R359
do Uncapped Premium R369
10Mbps standalone ADSL accounts
Cybersmart R595
Openweb Vanilla R689
Web Africa R699
do Uncapped Premium Plus R699
Bundled ADSL account prices
1Mbps bundled ADSL accounts
Cybersmart R295
do Uncapped Basic R329
Web Africa R329
2Mbps bundled ADSL accounts
Cybersmart R445
MWEB (throttled) R449
do Uncapped Advanced R459
Web Africa R489
4Mbps bundled ADSL accounts
Cybersmart R685
MWEB (throttled) R689
do Uncapped Premium R699
Web Africa R739
10Mbps bundled ADSL accounts
Cybersmart R895
do Uncapped Premium Plus R999
Web Africa R1099

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Cheapest uncapped ADSL ever from SA ISPs