SA’s biggest ADSL bandwidth hogs

The latest statistics from some of South Africa’s largest Internet Service Providers (ISPs) show that most of the top uncapped ADSL users are consuming between 1TB and 2TB of data per month.

Axxess marketing director Franco Barbalich said that their top ADSL data user consumed 2264GB in July, using a 10Mbps uncapped ADSL account. This was the only user cracking 2TB in monthly data usage.

Afrihost’s latest statistics show that one of its 10Mbps uncapped ADSL users consumed 1.6TB of data in a month.

Afrihost’s top business customer, who is using a 10Mbps uncapped business account, consumed 1.7TB in July.

Cybersmart‘s top data user in July was a 10Mbps uncapped business customer who consumed 1.56TB.

Openweb founder Keoma Wright said that their biggest data user, also on a 10Mbps uncapped ADSL account, consumed 1.61TB in July.

The following tables provide an overview of the top residential and business uncapped ADSL users based on data consumption.

Biggest residential uncapped ADSL data users
Axxess 10Mbps uncapped ADSL 2.26TB
Afrihost 10Mbps uncapped ADSL 1.62TB
Openweb 10Mbps uncapped ADSL 1.61TB
Afrihost 10Mbps uncapped ADSL 1.39TB
Afrihost 10Mbps uncapped ADSL 1.34TB
Afrihost 10Mbps uncapped ADSL 1.28TB
Openweb 10Mbps uncapped ADSL 1.24TB
Axxess 10Mbps uncapped ADSL 1.10TB
Biggest uncapped business ADSL data users
Afrihost 10Mbps Business DSL 1.73TB
Cybersmart 10Mbps business uncapped ADSL 1.56TB
Afrihost 10Mbps Business DSL 1.43TB
Afrihost 10Mbps Business DSL 1.38TB
Afrihost 10Mbps Business DSL 1.37TB
Cybersmart 10Mbps business uncapped ADSL 1.16TB
Openweb 10Mbps business uncapped ADSL 1.10TB
Afrihost 10Mbps Business DSL 1.08GB

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SA’s biggest ADSL bandwidth hogs