Biggest ADSL bandwidth hogs in SA

The biggest uncapped ADSL bandwidth users in South Africa are consuming between 2TB and 3TB per month. This is according to the latest statistics from some of the country’s top ISPs.

The average bandwidth usage by ADSL users in South Africa is increasing rapidly. This is partly fuelled by the growing popularity of online video services such as YouTube, Netflix, and Hulu.

According to Telkom managing executive Erna Korff the company’s broadband bandwidth consumption tripled over past year.

The typical average usage of the uncapped ADSL consumer now ranges between 30GB and 60GB per month, depending on the account type.

The average business uncapped ADSL user consumes significantly more – typically between 60GB and 100GB per month.

The top users consumed multiple times more data than the average usage, and hundreds of times more than low-end users who only consume a few gigabytes per month.

Afrihost’s top ADSL bandwidth users

Afrihost’s “The Big Bosses of Bandwidth” list showed that the ISP’s top users consume between 266GB and 2,552GB of data per month.

Afrihost consumer uncapped ADSL accounts
Uncapped account Monthly GBs used
10Mbps uncapped 1,506GB
10Mbps uncapped 1,314GB
10Mbps uncapped 1,201GB
10Mbps uncapped 1,076GB
4Mbps uncapped 1,040GB
Afrihost business uncapped ADSL accounts
Uncapped account Monthly GBs used
10Mbps business uncapped 2,568GB
10Mbps business uncapped 2,257GB
10Mbps business uncapped 2,224GB
10Mbps business uncapped 2,174GB
8Mbps business uncapped 1,875GB

Cybersmart uncapped ADSL usage

Cybersmart CEO Laurie Fialkov said that the average use on their 2Mbps uncapped ADSL service is 31GB per month. This increases to 40GB for 4Mbps accounts and to 58GB for 10Mbps users.

Business uncapped ADSL users, on average, consume significantly more than their consumer counterparts – 64GB for 2Mbps, 66GB for 4Mbps and 98GB for 10Mbps.

Fialkov said that their strategy to reign in uncapped ADSL abusers, who used some underhanded tactics, significantly lowered the top-end users’ bandwidth consumption.

Cybersmart’s biggest uncapped ADSL bandwidth user consumed 823GB per month.

Openweb’s uncapped ADSL data consumption

Openweb founder Keoma Wright said that their highest bandwidth user, who is subscribed to a 10Mbps uncapped service, consumes 1.5TB per month. This is closely followed by a client using 1.4TB on an 8Mbps line.

Wright said that they have seen a significant increase in the average data usage over the last year, with some account types averaging between 150GB and 200GB per month.

Axxess top data users

Axxess’ top ADSL data users consume between 193GB and 1436GB, depending on their account speed and type. The following table lists the top 5 bandwidth users on Axxess’ ADSL network.

Axxess consumer uncapped ADSL accounts
Uncapped account Monthly GBs used
10Mbps uncapped 1436GB
10Mbps uncapped 1221GB
10Mbps uncapped 1065GB
10Mbps uncapped 977GB
20Mbps uncapped 966GB

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Biggest ADSL bandwidth hogs in SA