Discovery Bank card migration problems

A Discovery Bank customer recently contacted MyBroadband regarding problems migrating from their Discovery Gold credit card (issued under licence from FNB) to their Discovery Bank credit card.

Customers have previously complained of multiple issues when migrating from FNB to Discovery Bank, with some stating that the lack of online banking made it difficult to conduct their everyday banking.

This also follows a recent credit card debit order problem, which resulted in the entire outstanding balance of Discovery Bank credit cards being debited.

The customer who contacted MyBroadband said they activated their Platinum Discovery Bank credit card on 26 August 2019, the same day they cancelled their old Discovery Gold credit card.

They then moved their life and vehicle insurance debit orders to the new card, as well as their vehicle repayment debit order.

The customer also had a Discovery Bank Vitality Savings account, where they moved some of their savings from Capitec Bank.

Following this migration to Discovery Bank’s card, however, the customer began to experience numerous issues.

Unexplained interest

On their first credit card statement, the customer said they noticed a line item titled “Migration Interest Refund” on 29 August 2019 with a positive amount of R80.33.

The next statement, however, showed a negative item of the same amount dated 16 September 2019. It also included an “Interest” charge for R40.58.

They contacted Discovery Bank about this problem but said that they did not receive any feedback for a week regarding their issue.

After three weeks of no progress and sporadic downtime of the Discovery Bank call centre, the customer said they were finally told that the interest charged was due to an EFT made to BMW financial services.

The customer said they were told this payment was actually a debit order, which according to the rules of Discovery Bank, attracted interest in the same way as EFTs.

They added that the call centre agent was unable to provide them with written confirmation of these rules when requested.

App problems and scheduled payments

The customer also attempted to set up a scheduled payment via the app to settle their Discovery Bank Credit Card on a certain date.

However, a few days after they had set up this scheduled payment, they went back into this section of the banking app and saw that the date was changed to an incorrect one.

Discovery Bank told them that they were aware of the issue and advised the customer to use the debit order feature instead.

The customer also processed a debit order against their Vitality Savings account to the Discovery Bank Credit Card account, which they were told would take five days to reflect despite both accounts being with Discovery Bank.

In addition to all of these issues, the customer added that Discovery Bank’s call centres were often down when they tried to call, and consultants often would not revert with feedback.

MyBroadband asked Discovery Bank for feedback on these reports, but the company did not provide any additional information beyond stating that it had contacted the customer.

“The customer was successfully contacted by Discovery Bank regarding the queries,” Discovery Bank said.

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Discovery Bank card migration problems