Old Openview decoders have stopped working — this is why

Openview clients with older decoders are being cut off from the service and notified that they need to buy a new decoder.

Several Openview customers have contacted MyBroadband to complain about the move, saying that they were promised a once-off decoder purchase would give them access for life.

“As a Sassa pensioner, I am disgusted with this type of business,” one Openview customer told MyBroadband.

“This is not what their advert implied when I bought the product.”

Openview’s marketing campaign at launch was, “Pay Once. Enjoy Forever.”

MyBroadband asked Openview about the decision to stop supporting older decoders.

A spokesperson for the satellite TV service said that, unfortunately, technology is advancing rapidly, and the older models do not support Openview’s latest software upgrades and functionality.

“The decoders affected have been in the market for about 8 years,” Openview stated.

“Customers will have to replace the decoders to enjoy uninterrupted support, PVR compatibility and all the benefits of Openview Connect. Hence the E04 message.”

Openview said that it communicated with affected customers via bmail, which is a message sent directly to the decoder advising them that the service will eventually switch.

The message states:

Dear Viewer, Due to the rapid pace of technology, the decoder you are using can no longer be supported in terms of software upgrades that are required. To enjoy uninterrupted viewing, ongoing technical support, PVR compatibility and access to the world of streaming through Openview Connect you will need to purchase the latest Openview decoder from a leading retailer.”

Resetting the decoder will not solve this, and customers will have to go to their nearest store to upgrade.

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Old Openview decoders have stopped working — this is why