What to expect from Windows Phone 8

Microsoft and Nokia are set to hold a joint media event on 5 September 2012, with a number of announcements and reveals around Windows Phone 8 expected to take place.

These are 5 things to expect from the forthcoming smartphone reveal.

Display and video

The device is expected to feature a 4.3-inch AMOLED display at 1280×720 pixel HD resolution (The Verge).

Nokia’s PureView camera technology should feature in the Windows Phone 8.

Enhanced UI

Windows Phone 8 will feature a new start screen, along with enhanced voice commands and better integration for third-party VoIP services (SlashGear).

It’s expected that Microsoft’s Skype service will be natively integrated.

Windows 8 mobile interface

Near-Field Communication compatibility

Nokia aimed to include Near-Field Communication in Windows Phone, although the platform lacked support (BGR).

Windows Phone 8 handsets should include an NFC chip inside.

Lumia design

Nokia is speculated to follow the visual design of the Lumia 900, with only small changes differing (The Verge).

Mobile payments

Microsoft is currently working on a new digital wallet app that will integrate mobile payments and Windows devices (WP Central). Windows Phone 8 is expected to integrate this.

The wallet will also support third-party apps so you can store gift cards, airplane passes, concert tickets, etc.

Microsoft wallet

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What to expect from Windows Phone 8