Makro online order problems – “Service delivery will be improved”

Makro has acknowledged there have been challenges relating to the fulfillment of online orders through its ecommerce store, but has promised that service delivery will improve.

The company made the statement in response to questions from MyBroadband about online orders problems reported by users.

Many Makro online shoppers have reported ordering from the retailer, only for their order not to be delivered.

MyBroadband’s forums and HelloPeter are two platforms were consumers detailed their issues, of which a common one was being informed that deliveries will take longer than anticipated.

One customer said a Makro agent informed him deliveries can take up to 40 days after the order is placed.

MyBroadband also received complaints that the delivery service Makro uses does not provide consistent results in terms of customer service and timely deliveries.

Improving customer service

Makro acknowledged that it has been faced with challenges relating to the fulfilment of deliveries, but stated it was working on the matter.

“In an effort to address and resolve these concerns, we are engaging with our various fulfilment partners to improve our service delivery,” said Makro.

“Decisions relating to our selection of supply partners for each parcel are based primarily on proximity to store and parcel size,” it added.

Speaking about the 40-day delivery window which customers were presented with, it stated that this was a peak-season adjustment for extended range items.

“These items are not stocked by the business and are ordered in from suppliers at a customer’s request. During the December and January period, the early shutdown by our suppliers and, in many cases, their reopening only late in January, demanded that we amend the delivery period from 21 to 40 days in order to manage customer expectations.”

Makro said its key focus is to provide consistent and reliable delivery services, and it is “striving to resolve all outstanding deliveries as swiftly as possible”.

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Makro online order problems – “Service delivery will be improved”