Google Chrome will let you edit your saved passwords

Google is working to provide users with the ability to edit their saved passwords within the company’s Chrome desktop browser, 9to5Google reports.

Chrome has offered the ability to save your passwords within the browser for many years, but the editing feature has not been available until recently.

This functionality was recently introduced on Chrome for Android but still remains in testing behind a “chrome://flags” tag, as is standard protocol for new features.

A newly posted code change shows that Google is now working on this feature for both the desktop and Chrome OS versions of Google Chrome.

When it is first tested, it will also be placed behind the “chrome://flags” tag.

9to5Google speculates that the feature on Desktop and Chrome OS will follow the Android version’s leady and display a pencil icon when users access their list of saved passwords.

Users would then be able to click on this icon to edit their saved passwords.

Chrome dominates the browser market

Google Chrome continues to dominate the desktop browser market, according to NetMarketShare, with 70.19% of desktop users using this browser.

The popular browser’s market share has grown substantially over the course of 2020, as it began the year with a market share of 66.93%.

Microsoft Edge is now Chrome’s nearest competitor after overtaking Firefox in April 2020.

Edge now boasts 8.07% market share, while 7.58% of users choose to use Firefox as their primary browser.

The rise of Microsoft Edge is due in large part to the marketing efforts of Microsoft, which has aggressively touted the Chromium-based browser’s value on platforms such as the Windows Start Menu.

Microsoft has also been accused of forcing the browser onto users after the company started automatically installing the new Edge browser and importing user data without their permission in an automatic update in early June.

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Google Chrome will let you edit your saved passwords