What programmers love, dread, and want

Stack Overflow has published the results of its annual developer survey, showing that Rust remains the most loved programming language in the world.

Swift has slipped to fourth place since 2016, overtaken by Smalltalk and TypeScript.

64,227 developers from 213 countries and territories responded to the survey. Respondents were recruited primarily through channels “owned” by Stack Overflow, such as blog posts and banner ads on the site.

For the second year in a row, Visual Basic was ranked as the most dreaded language. Most dreaded means that a high percentage of developers who are currently using the technology express no interest in continuing to do so.

Python shot to the most wanted language this year, which means it is the language developers want to use more than any other.

Most loved languages

Stackoverflow 2017 loved

Most dreaded languages

Stackoverflow 2017 dreaded

Most wanted languages

Stackoverflow 2017 wanted

Most loved frameworks

Stackoverflow 2017 loved framworks

Most dreaded frameworks

Stackoverflow 2017 dreaded frameworks

Most wanted frameworks

Stackoverflow 2017 wanted frameworks

Most loved databases

Stackoverflow 2017 loved databases

Most dreaded databases

Stackoverflow 2017 dreaded databases

Most wanted databases

Stackoverflow 2017 wanted databases

Most loved platforms

Stackoverflow 2017 loved platforms

Most dreaded platforms

Stackoverflow 2017 dreaded platforms

Most wanted platforms

Stackoverflow 2017 wanted platforms

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What programmers love, dread, and want