Windows to get support for leap seconds

Microsoft is adding support for leap seconds to Windows 10, as reported by Thurrott.

Support for leap seconds will start in Windows 10 Redstone 5 and Windows Server 2019.

The report stated that the update will deal with leap seconds “in a way that is incredibly accurate, UTC-compliant, and traceable”.

“Leap seconds typically occur every 18 months, resulting in one extra second. To deal with the extra second more appropriately, Windows 10 will now display that extra second, instead of directly jumping to the next one,” stated the report.

This makes it the first OS to have full support for leap seconds, it added.

Microsoft stated that users will see this as an extra second on their clock on the taskbar.

“Normally, computers keep seconds from 0 through 59 for a total of 60 seconds. When a leap second occurs, an extra second is added to the last minute of the UTC day and the clock goes from 0 through 60, for a total of 61 seconds,” said Microsoft.

This is shown in the GIF below.

Windows Clock

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Windows to get support for leap seconds