Google Chrome testing new feature that reduces RAM usage

Google is testing a new feature that will reduce the amount of RAM used by its Chrome web browser, Softpedia News reports.

The popular web browser is notorious for its high RAM usage, which is why Google is testing a new tool that ensures unused tabs do not remain active in the background if a user is not using them.

This is an improvement on a similar tool tested by Google in 2015 called Tab Discarding, but the new solution gives users the ability to manage how their tabs are suspended and for how long.

This new feature is available in the latest Canary build and can be enabled from the flags menu.

There are five different options at present:

  • Default
  • Enabled
  • Enabled freeze – no unfreeze
  • Enabled freeze – unfreeze 10 seconds every 15 minutes
  • Disabled

Enabling the feature will freeze any tab that has been inactive for 5 minutes, and it can be manually overridden by typing “chrome://discards” into the address bar.

Google has not revealed any release date for this new Chrome feature, and as it has only just begun testing, it is unlikely that it will be included in the official Chrome browser soon.

The next version of Google’s browser is Chrome 78, which is expected to launch later this year.

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Google Chrome testing new feature that reduces RAM usage