All the Windows 11 leaks

Images and videos of Windows 11 have been leaking all over the internet after a build of the new operating system was reportedly posted online.

Microsoft has yet to confirm the name of the new version of its desktop operating system, which it is set to unveil on 24 June. The event is scheduled to start at 11:00 Eastern Time, which is 18:00 in South Africa.

In addition to the 11:00 start time, Microsoft has dropped several other hints that it will be called Windows 11. Chief among them is a remix of Windows startup sounds on YouTube which is exactly 11 minutes long.

Leaked screenshots and videos of Microsoft’s new operating system software all but confirmed that the name will indeed be Windows 11.

Chief Executive Officer Satya Nadella has stated that this will be one of the most significant overhauls to Windows this decade.

The company stated that its next version of Windows will include changes to the design, added opportunities for creators and developers via the Windows app store, and ways to more easily build connections between users and communities they care about.

Windows Insiders will receive early access to the new version after the event, and Bloomberg reported that it is likely to be released between September and November 2021.

Windows 8.1 is still set to receive security updates from Microsoft until 10 January 2023, while Windows 10 has a retirement date set for 14 October 2025.

Below are all the Windows 11 screenshots and videos we have gathered from around the web. It does have a significantly similar look to Windows 10X , the Windows 10 refresh that never was.

Windows 11 Home Screen – Jon Prosser (Click to enlarge)
Windows 11 Home page windows
Windows 11 Home page windows – Tom Warren
Windows 11 Search Function – InterF9 (Click to enlarge)
Windows 11 About page – thecallmeCJ (Click to enlarge)
Windows 11 Control Panel – Tom Warren (Click to enlarge)
Windows 11 Dark Mode – Jez (Click to enlarge)
Windows 11 Side Panel menu – Joe Biondo (Click to enlarge)
Windows 11 Side Menu Option – Tom Warren (Click to enlarge)
Windows 11 window view selection – Rλzen_Inu
Windows 11 Xbox Experience Launch screen – Tom Warren (Click to enlarge)
Windows 11 Xbox Experience Home screen – Tom Warren (Click to enlarge)

Video — Windows 11 Start Up screen and sound (Tom Warren)

Video — Windows 11 Navigation – Tom Warren

Video — Windows 11 Window view variations – Tom Warren

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All the Windows 11 leaks