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Thread: Douglas Reed

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    Douglas Reed (born 1959) is an entrepreneur whose biggest passion is starting up and growing successful businesses, especially when other people think itís impossible.

    At the age of 38 Douglas switched industries from hardware to IT. After a stint on a North Sea oil rig at the age of 22, Douglas took over Sandton City Hardware, which was followed by numerous start-ups, including a career as managing director of Mica Distributors and later as a board member of the Mica Hardware group.

    Douglas then joined DataPro, an ISP that is now part of Alt-X listed Vox Telecom Limited. He has seen the Groupís value grow from R1.2m eleven years ago to a multi-billion rand business today.

    Douglas is innovative and entrepreneurial, and he strongly believes in creating wealth rather than competing for it.

    Douglas Reed is Vox Telecom Group Managing Director

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    Douglas Reed stepped down as CEO of Vox Telecom in January 2013.
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