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Thread: Linkbook, technical specs?

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    Default Linkbook, technical specs?


    Anyone know the technical specs of the linkbook?


    Can XP be installed on it?


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    1 .What is the Linkbook?
    The Linkbook is an MID (Mobile Internet Device), It isn’t a Laptop or a Netbook, but it is a bit of both.

    2. Where can I get a Linkbook?
    From 7 May 2010 most Vodacom retailers will either have them in stock or be able to order one for you.

    4. Is there an Office suite?
    Yes, it has Open Office which contains a word processor, spreadsheets and presentations. Documents developed on a Linkbook can open on a PC and vice versa

    5. Can I load MS Windows or other Microsoft products onto the Linkbook?
    No, the Linkbook comes with its own custom designed Operating System.

    The Linkbook is mainly designed for getting on the Internet and not for downloading 3rd party software or applications.

    6. Can I load a different operating system onto the Linkbook such as other versions of Ubuntu?

    Users will not be able to load their own operating systems onto the Linkbook

    7. Can I open MS documents on the Linkbook?
    In general you should be able to open all Microsoft documents, but there will be changes in formatting as you would have with transferring documents between any different programs such as MSWord 2007 and MSWord 2003

    8. Who can I call for support?
    For general enquiries call Vodacom 082 111.
    For technical queries: – 0861 99 4443.

    9. Can the Linkbook play Videos and Music?
    Yes, it plays a number of video formats but .avi works best.
    It also plays most music formats.
    10. How much memory does the Linkbook have?
    16GB of Flash storage.
    You can also use external hard drives with the Linkbook and there is a slot for a SD memory card.

    11. Can the Linkbook run games?
    The Linkbook comes with a number of fun and educational games preinstalled, but the user will not be able to install other games.

    12. Can I print from it?
    Yes, the Linkbook has most printer drivers preinstalled.
    13. Can I plug in an external monitor or projector
    14. Can I use a Non-Vodacom SIM card
    The unit is not locked, but the Linkbook is only available on a Vodacom data contract.
    15. Can I roam with my Linkbook?
    Yes, but it depends on the contract you are on.

    The specs on the box say: 8.9” TFT screen, 3G embedded, Wi-Fi enabled, 10/100Mbps LAN, 16GB flash storage.

    A little bit of digging showed that the device uses a PowerPC e300 microprocessor running at around 400MHz for its CPU. The Linkbook also only has around 256MB. This is far below the minimum hardware requirements for Flash
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    Default workaround for linkbook

    For the linux guru's who whish to install other applicatins and / or possibly installing another Linux on the LInkbook: press the "u" key reapeadidly just after powering on, this will take you to a recovery console. BEWARE: recovering will cause data loss. Backup data first. When prompted with "menu system resume", press "ctrl" and "c" together on the keyboard. The you will be dropped into a shell. mount the filesystem and edit some files: first, create mount point: mkdir /mnt/hda, then mount /dev/hda1 /mnt/hda, now, edit the password file: vi /mnt/hda/etc/passwd, add a new line, it should look something like this:


    edit the line starting with "gdm:106:107:...." and ending with ":/bin/false"

    change the 16 and 107 both to 0, and the end of the line to /bin/bash"

    now go on to editing the /etc/shadow file, add a new line starting with "user2:"

    now copy everything after the "user:" line somewhere higher up in this file, and paste it after the new "user2:" piece which was added to the bottom of the file.

    one more thing, to prevent it from booting into the crappy resticted GUI: edit

    the /etc/passwd file, edit the line starting with "gdm:106:107:...."
    change it ti "gdm:0:0:...." when booting up, it will give you a concole login

    prompt. login with the "user2" which was added. you can even change root's

    password from there and get root access.

    unmount filesystem and reboot. if all went OK, you should get a console login prompt instead of booting into the very limited GUI. now you should be able to login whith "user2" and the same pasword "user" has. you have root privilages. you could even punch in "startx" and xfce desktop should appear, whith full functionality. NOTE: I am not a linux expert, this is a nasty way of getting in, but it worked for me. If, however, things do go wrong, reset/reboot, press "u" and choose option 2 ate the system resume menu. then your system should be restored to factory defaults.use this info at your own risk, I just shared this for interesting sake. I have searched all over and could not find any info reagdring this, so here is something. use is, dont use. up to you.
    there could be much more added to this, to finalise it, to finish off the rough edges.....
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    PPTP/OpenVPN functionality is, sadly, lacking.
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    Default specs:-

    • Two paperclips (double entwined)
    • 1050 ants in a nest
    • 7 super thin sheets of aluminum
    • a potato
    • 3 gherkins

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    I got a small problem. A friend has brought me a linkbook that has a missing password and username that i have to try and fix, problem is, im no linux guru. so even with all the info i got from this forum, i still cant get it right. cant somebody guide me through it like really urgently

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    gonna try the factory reset thing quick

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    can anyone tell me how to restore on a linkbook? or how to get the icons back that was on the desktop.

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