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Thread: Mele F10 pro remote (with keyboard) review

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    Thumbs up Mele F10 pro remote (with keyboard) review

    I've just purchased the Mele F10 pro remote for my DroidTV MX. The control that comes with the DroidTV unit is sufficient for basic operation, but power users will find it frustrating to use. I picked the Mele F10 Pro because of the accelerometer for mouse operation ('Air Mouse')as well as the full keyboard. This review is about the unit in general as well as what does and doesn't work. I've tested it on the DroidTV MX thus far but plan to test it on Windows next. I'll append that review to the end.

    View of front and back:


    Name:  mele f10.png
Views: 19112
Size:  286.0 KB
    Green: I've tested and are working with DroidTV MX
    Yellow: I've not yet tested
    Red: I've tested but can't get these working with DroidTV MX

    1. Left mouse
    2. Right mouse
    3. Cursor buttons (up/down/left/right)
    4. Function
    5. Home
    6. Menu
    7. Volume +/-
    8. Game mode
    9. Pointer (mouse) mode
    10. Button mode (disables mouse)
    11. Switch sound mode (headset / TV)
    12. Start call (Skype / Hangouts / etc)
    13. End call
    14. Power (works via IR)
    15. Assistant
    16. USB charge
    17. Headset port

    Now bear in mind that this was designed to compliment the Mele range of android TV boxes and so some features may not work as intended on your Android box. It's compatible with any Windows, Mac, Linux and Android box to some degree.

    The F10 pro uses WiFi so signal is good. I use it in the same room as the F10 pro and through a couple of walls in a nearby room (I have a TV in that room connected via 15m HDMI to the DroidTV).

    What works:
    The pointer is fantastic. It's a big plus on the DroidTV box for me - click and swipe emulates a finger swipe on Android pretty much flawlessly. Left click (1) is equivalent to a finger tap, right click (2) is equivalent to the Android back button. You can set the sensitivity under android settings.
    Pressing any of the cursor buttons (3) switches off the pointer and puts it in to button mode - just use the cursor buttons to navigate form fields / apps / screens /etc.

    The home button (5) takes you to the top of the page. I'd prefer it to emulate the android home button and take you to the 'desktop' but it doesn't do that - use the back button to go back to the 'desktop'.

    The menu button (6) works as expected and brings up context sensitive android menus as would the menu button on any android phone/tab.

    The volume +/- buttons (7) work well to raise and lower volume on the DroidTV box (Android master volume)

    Gaming mode (8) allows you to turn the unit sideways and use the accelerometer functions as you would a Wiimote when playing games that way (think Mario Kart type games). Tilt left / right etc. Flip it over to the keyboard side to use various buttons for fire / jump etc.

    Mouse mode (9) switches back to pointer mode. Pressing left mouse (1) does the same.

    Button mode (10) simply switches off the pointer (as does swinging the control in the opposite direction - I tend to do this - much quicker)

    The keyboard is good, easy to press keys and good response. Repeat is fairly quick so don't hold the buttons in too long. If you're further away (e.g. when using it from another room) occasionally the odd key goes awol when typing so keep an eye on the screen. I'd like to figure out a way to up the pause before repeat - that will allow me to type a bit slower (hold in the key longer) to guarantee a response when I'm further from the unit. There may be an android setting for that somewhere but I haven't found it yet. If you like, select physical keyboard in the input options under android settings to prevent the android keyboard from showing up whenever you're in a keyboard entry field.
    Pressing Fn (4) toggles between function mode and normal mode. In function mode, the blue items on the keyboard apply, in normal mode it's the white items. I like the fact that it's a toggle switch so that you don't have to use two fingers (one to hold Fn, one to press the key you want) - you just press Fn and then the key(s) you want and press it again to toggle back.

    What does not work:
    The sound toggle button (11) does not work (I haven't figured out if there's a way around this yet) on the DroidTV. What it's supposed to do (and does on the Mele TV box apparently) is switch between the HDMI or component sound (output from your TV) to the USB sound device (transmitted wirelessly to the control from the Mele's USB dongle).

    When you first connect the Mele F10 Pro dongle to your machine, it hijacks the sound and all sounds come from the control. In addition, movies don't play properly - they stutter terribly. I tested hangouts and couldn't get it working with the unit. You also can't adjust sound volume when the Mele dongle handles sound.
    To fix this, I installed SoundAbout and changed the default sound card from the USB dongle back to the HDMI sound card and enabled the soundabout service. You have to reboot after making that change. After that, sound continues to work from the TV. ***EDIT*** There is an updated set of instructions including a permanent fix here:

    The power button (14) appears to send an infra-red command but it doesn't work with the DroidMX. As a result, I've installed Rebooter to reboot or shut down the unit quickly when necessary.

    I'll continue this review and add content as it becomes available as well as test it on Windows. I haven't tested gaming much but i'll do that as soon as possible and report back. All indications are that it's good for gaming (tilt left = left, tilt right = right, tilt forward = up, tilt backward = down - keyboard is active in gaming mode).

    Overall I'm very happy with the unit. The battery lasts very long and is rechargeable. Wireless range is great. This is the first really decent remote I've used for media PC / presentation / android box - the accelerometer based pointer is particularly good and the full keyboard is very useful.
    Last edited by Arietans; 12-10-2014 at 11:21 AM.

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    Great review so far. Thanks. Think I will order one this week.

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    It looks like the buttons on this unit are programmable on rooted android boxes. I'll test this and post after the weekend, but if it works, it would be awesome.

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    Looking forward to your updates on this remote, got the Rc11 Gyroscope Mouse Keyboard on order for now, just hope you can sort out the headphone/audio problem(was a deal breaker for me on my Droid Tv Mx). Thanks for your efforts in testing/reviewing ;-)

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    NP, I'll post updates on programming the buttons this weekend hopefully.

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    Red face Remapping keys on the Mele F10 pro (or any other keyboard for that matter)

    OK, re-mapping the keys on the Mele F10 Pro for Android is pretty easy
    I followed instructions here and managed to map the Home key on the F10 pro to they regular Android 'Home' function (return to 'desktop'). By default, the home key on the F10 pro takes you to the top of the page you're on, but I miss the proper home function so I've remapped it.

    The example below uses my example of remapping the home key. The same principles can be applied to all other keys.

    1. Make sure you are able to access the root file system - I've installed Root Browser for this (ES File explorer doesn't seem to allow root access in the latest version - likely a glitch).
    2. Use Root Browser to locate and make a copy of the generic keyboard layout file (/system/usr/keylayout/generic.kl). You don't want to mess this file up.
    3. Create a new .kl file on any PC for the Mele F10 pro called Vendor_03e7_Product_0d01.kl based on the generic.kl file These instructions apply to any physical keyboard, you just have to replace the vendor and product numbers with the correct numbers for the keyboard which you can get by following the instructions in the first link of this post.
    4. Replace the line that references key 102 with the following:
    key 102   MOVE_HOME
    You can edit other mappings as you please - to figure out which key corresponds to which default mapping, I created this Excel file
    To figure out what to map them to, take a look at the generic.kl file
    Note, you ONLY need to add keys that deviate from the defaults.
    5. Save the file and copy it to /system/usr/keylayout/ keeping the new Vendor_03e7_Product_0d01.kl name (or other if you're remapping another keyboard)
    6. Reboot or unplug/reseat the keyboard and you're good to go!

    To revert to defaults, simply rename or delete the file (the defaults.kl will then kick in). Those who know their linux can probably create scripts to enable or disable multiple mappings (for different apps / environments) and map that script to certain key combinations. When I have time I'll write an apk to do the mapping on screen.

    I'm very happy with this little discovery since I can now modify buttons to suit my general use of my box - if you use XBMC a lot, you might want to remap keys to suit that. Some people have complained of lack of play/pause button - I'm going to map the 'esc' key on the keyboard side for that (right mouse button also = esc in Android so it's superfluous).
    Last edited by Arietans; 21-09-2014 at 07:09 PM.

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    Nice review.
    What's the price on this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Electric View Post
    Nice review.
    What's the price on this?
    It makes an excellent remote for presentations on Windows / Mac as well.
    Last edited by Arietans; 20-03-2014 at 02:50 PM.

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    Hi I see the earphone jack still has "no sound" problem. I can't confirm if this will work or not as I don't have the remote,but maybe you can test or confirm for us. I found this link from the Mele site:

    It seems it has to do with usb sound not being selectable in our boxes(my DroidTv on the way,thanks AVSupply)
    "For those android boxes or HDMI dongles which do not have the option to choose audio output from USB, the MeLE F10 Pro can not work with it."

    Hope it helps;-) (I really want that remote to work on our boxes with audio,lol)

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    So far I haven't been able to use the earphone jack since it's designed specifically for Mele boxes. I'll keep looking for a solution - there's a chance someone will come up with one.

    In the mean time, to allow sound to work normally on your TV while the Mele F10 pro control is connected to the DroidTV, you will need to install Soundabout from the android play store and enable the soundabout service, then select 'speakers' or 'HDMI' as the sound source for all media. You can use the free version to do that - that guarantees that you don't have to keep changing the setting whenever you reboot.

    The newest firmware for the DroidTV is very stable - I'm very happy with it.
    Last edited by Arietans; 20-03-2014 at 02:53 PM.

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    Great news about audio selection via Soundabout,thanx
    Can you give me version of newest firmware or link to it? (buddy of mine also has DroidMx,but he said his Netflix app started crashing and can't fix even with re-install of app)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phrozin View Post
    Great news about audio selection via Soundabout,thanx
    Can you give me version of newest firmware or link to it? (buddy of mine also has DroidMx,but he said his Netflix app started crashing and can't fix even with re-install of app)
    It's in the opening post of my DroidTV MX review:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phrozin View Post
    Great news about audio selection via Soundabout,thanx
    Can you give me version of newest firmware or link to it? (buddy of mine also has DroidMx,but he said his Netflix app started crashing and can't fix even with re-install of app)
    Hi Phrozin,

    Did your friend uninstall before reinstalling? Something else to try is removing the application cache


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    Hi,thanks for all the great advise. I fixed it by "restore to default" in settings and just install apps again via "OTA" update app. His stuff is all working,thanks

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    Added instructions to permanently fix the sound / video stuttering issue here:

    I've added that to the OP as well.
    For all things TV and Android, register at

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