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    If you had R3mil available - what would you do?

    It's nice to dream sometimes, so I'm interested in hearing what kind of business would you start tomorrow if you had R3mil lying around, and following up from that, how much would it cost to start your ideal business and what would it be?
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    Best gap cover for discovery keycare

    As per the title, what is the recommended gap cover for Discovery keycare? I see discovery does not provide gap cover. It used to be ok for me and the wife, but with a little one on the way, I would like to get gap cover for all the other things, or would it be better to go to a different plan...
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    Need a Sheets Wizzard to help me catch a thief

    Which will be his doing, but there is a lot of , can i say, circumstantial evidence, coupled with a estate policy of not being able to use municipal water for filling the swimming pools, so he should [if he did it correctly] have an invoice from a 3rd party company for pool water.
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    Need a Sheets Wizzard to help me catch a thief

    It was around this same time that a neighbour [who has not moved in yet] swimming pool was filled up. I'm trying to establish the date/time when this happened, and then can confront the neighbour about it and I want to insist on him producing his invoice for filling the swimming pool, as this...
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    Need a Sheets Wizzard to help me catch a thief

    Yes, and there is only one possibility. I've asked the security company to have a look at their cctv feeds, but it might be too late, as they only keep it for 30 days.
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    Need a Sheets Wizzard to help me catch a thief

    Good Morning I don't want to give out too much information at this point in time, but here is what I need some help with. I have a digital water meter on my property [still under construction]. I recently had a HUGE increase in my water usage and thought it might be leak. Asked for the logged...
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    Legality surrounding using vouchers as incentive

    Thanks alot everyone. Will be marketed towards the general public, so nothing to do with Tenders etc.
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    Legality surrounding using vouchers as incentive

    Hi everyone, long time !!! I'm not sure where to ask this, but let me ask anyway. Is it legal to use vouchers [Builders Warehouse / Makro / Game etc] as incentive to refer work to us. We are a construction company in a new area, and want to gain exposure and ofcourse some work. Can I launch a...
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    2x Metallica tickets for 27th

    I have two general access tickets [standing] available for the 27th, Unfortunately I can't afford to go anymore [work commitments], So I need to sell these tickets since Computicket only has a reasonable cancellation fee of 100%. I paid R 1 190 for the two, so make me a [serious] offer, and go...
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    Top 10 Most disturbing quotes by ANC leaders

    Just stumbled across this article, and it is quite shocking: Much more "gems" like these
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    Eagles Tickets for Sale- 8 April - FNB Stadium - seated

    I was really looking forward to going to the Eagles, but due to circumstances beyond my control, I can no longer attend. So someone please buy my tickets [2x seated tickets] !! The tickets are seated, and [i don't have them with me right now], just to the left of the stage, if you check on...
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    Now THIS ... is proper music

    If you're interested in decent music [if you like Bieber/Gagga/basically any pop, then this isnt for you] i would appreciate it if you take some time and listen to it It features songs that i think define what music is, Bob Dylan, Led Zeppellin, Nirvana etc Enjoy, And pop folk, please listen...
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    Please recommend IP Wireless security cameras

    I'm looking for IP wireless security cameras, that i can use at home. as i live in complex, i recently got a Jack Russell, but my gate is where a lot of traffic [cars and pedestrians] go past, and lately i've noticed that my dog is UNBELIEVEBLY scared of going close to that gate. Ive also found...
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    PS 3 Tags

    Hi Guys I can't find a list, but lets get some tags, as i liked to play footie etc online: Mine: Bizkit87 - Blueman87
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    Gauteng Toll Fees - What can we do?

    Born from this thread lets start coming up with ideas about what we can do, and who we can involve. I think [before the NHI kicks in], we need to show these lazy incompetent people we have to call our "leaders" that we've now reached a point where enough is enough. What can we do: * We can...