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    Disposing of ups batteries

    I'm going to be replacing the battery in my ups - it's run-time is down to 20 minutes, from over 2 hours - but I'm wondering what to do with the old battery? Do you get battery recycling places? I'm pretty sure it's not a good idea to just throw it in the bin for the garbage truck :)
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    UPS switches off way before battery is empty

    APC is quite pricey, but I'm willing to consider it... but (dumb question here) the nice thing about the mustek/mecer/rct/whatever is that has a normal 3 pin socket on the back, so I can plug in a multiplug (and plug the router & lamp into that). If I went with APC, would I need to cut the plug...
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    UPS switches off way before battery is empty

    Interestingly, today when it switched off exactly 2 hours after loadshedding started, I switched it back on and it carried on running until the power came back on 10 minutes later. Unfortunately because it switched off in between, it did the "beep every 30 seconds" thing. But it does strongly...
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    UPS switches off way before battery is empty

    If you find a solution, please post here - it's annoying spending the last 10 minutes of loadshedding in the dark, but what's more annoying is that when it switches off, it loses the "no beeping" setting and I have to go into UPS assistant every single time after loadshedding to switch the...
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    UPS switches off way before battery is empty

    I've noticed that my UPS seems to switch off exactly 2 hours after load shedding starts - and this has happened too often to be coincidence. And when I run UPS assistant as soon as power comes back on, it says the battery is 75% (or so) charged. Is there a default switch-off time setting that...
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    FNB online banking glitch

    Still not fixed :(
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    Nedbank Club Account

    Does anyone have a Nedbank Club Account? I'd like to know more about it, but don't want to phone the bank. We currently use a postbank group account, but the only way to get money out of the account is to go to a post office with 2 signatories to get a cheque. And more than half the time...
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    Vodacom: false upgrade promise?

    That's probably what she meant, but she did explicitly say 2Gb on the first of every month. :(
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    Vodacom: false upgrade promise?

    My VC contract expired end of Feb, so I was going to port my number to prepaid. However, when I phoned up, they offered me a deal of R125 airtime and 2Gb of data per month for R79. How could I say no? Of course, now it's the new month and there is no 2Gb of data. What number do I phone to...
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    Mecer 1000va offline ups - mute beeping?

    UPS Assistant also works. But on my ups, it only remembers the setting for one session - you set it to off, power goes out, no beeping. Power goes out a second time, beeping. Guess I'm going to have to try the prestik route.
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    Medical help when living alone

    Thanks, great help with the cat suggestions :p I guess I'll have to look at medical monitoring. It feels like overkill, but this is clearly my life now... And then I assume they'll keep keys or use a key box, so that solves that.
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    Medical help when living alone

    True. I'm just used to being very independent and hate asking for help. I guess I have to get over that... At the very least, leaving keys with a neighbour is a good idea.
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    Medical help when living alone

    So over the weekend I was pretty ill, almost passed out at home, but luckily I managed to phone my mom and she came over and got me to hospital. But it got me thinking, since I live alone and don't have any close friends: If I had a medical emergency, and managed to call an ambulance but...
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