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  • Hi, I'm looking to send MMS via email, couldn't get answers through the call desk, you said I should msg to get help?

    Hi wavecycle

    Please provide us with your contact number. A Consultant will contact you and assist.

    Just send the number via PM and not here, as this isn't private and will expose your number to the internet.
    Hi I lost my Cell C sim. It was already ricad. How can I do a sim swap???? HELP ME PLEASE!!!!! ALL OF MY accounts my email, banking EVERYTHING was linked to that number!!!
    no Cell C fixed LTE using Cell C home Router in Standerton, MP, since Wed 27th April 2019, unable to connect to the internet - went to the store on Friday - they say settings have changed. Please advise as to what is the course of action as I'm paying for a service I'm not receiving?
    Can you assist with blocking of stolen phone?
    Hi jakkieblom

    Thanks for reaching out!

    Please provide us with the IMEI number of the stolen device, the cellphone number in question and your contact number.


    Can you please explain why Cellc wifi calling has most of the time very bad sound quality for the receiver even if I have a very good wifi signal. It seems Cellc is routing or choking the wifi calling in order to enforce normal calls?


    Hi Pieter

    What is the make and model of your device.

    Iphone 6
    Hi I'm looking to cancel my LTE contract. I need to know how to go about it and how much I need to pay please.
    Been trying for nearly 3 months to ascertain the transmitter location closest to Farms Edge, Pekalmy Road Bergvliet Cape Town in order to orient an outdoor antenna
    In each case I receive a phone call to tell me that info is unavailable
    Fed up with this lack of info
    Friday sees the router and SIM to go back to the CellC store and the debit order will be cancelled at the bank
    Hi chrisc

    We're following up on your query.

    Hi. I have called the call center and provided them with all the relevant information required for blacklisting my phone. Somehow they have advised that I do not meet the criteria or I have 1 question wrong. I have been mugged on Friday 19/10 - Been to the police station and now need to blacklist the phone in order for the insurance to process their documents. I am unable to get to the store during working hours.
    Hi DXL

    We still have the packages. The 100GB is R1599 and the 200GB is R1999. The data is valid for 365 days.

    Hi Cellc Rep

    Are there any specials on the 100gig or 200gig prepaid package from anyone ?

    If not

    Can cellc throw in some prepaid specials on this bigger LTE offer.

    Hi. Any way you can tell me where your towers are in my area. Mount an external antenna and need to know where to point.
    Did you ever get a response? I have been trying since September
    What is the cash price of the ZTE MF 667 3G USB modem and the full specs ? Website only gives a contract price. Is it LTE capable ? I believe Cell C uses mostly the 900 MHz for 3G, what is it using for LTE, or is it dependent on the local tower ?
    Hi brattex

    Please dial *147*9#

    The earliest date you can upgrade will be displayed on the screen.

    Hi there

    My full contract term allows me to upgrade 10/08/2016.

    Am I able to do an early upgrade? My phone has died...
    There is a connection problem in the area around Phumulani mall, Olifantsfontein. I spent most of the day there and I couldn't make or received calls. I also couldn't access 3G. Whenever I tried to make a call I would get "network busy" and when I called my number from different network it would go to voicemail eventhough my Cell C sim had full signal. *101# would work but a few minutes later I would check again and it gives me "connection problem". I also couldn't call 140 because of this connection problem. People in the area who were also experiencing this say that it started Saturday afternoon.

    my account was in arrears by R500 by the 15th. I paid R260 via eft that they received but I cannot make calls or sms. I get an error saying barred call.

    Kindly assist with this, the contract comes to an end on tuesday and i would like to be able to use my remaining minutes.

    The number is 0747760888
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