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    5 messaging apps to use when WhatsApp starts showing advertising

    If security is what you're after, and when you're switching it might as well be. Signal is it.
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    How much do you spend on your monthly grocery bill?

    2 Adults, 10yo, 6yo = R6k (we try anyway)
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    Telkom self install verify

    I'm trying to verify a new adsl line, and I keep getting the same error, Telkom doesn't know what to do either, help! 1. Line is synched 2. Tried with Telkom guest account and normal ISP
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    How to wind an Edge Trimmer cable`

    How to wind an Edge Trimmer cable I can't find the "cartridges" for my Ryobi trimmer, so I'm left with the cable, and an empty cartridge, I know I need to wind the thing so that the two ends unwind evenly from both sides. How is this possible? :confused:
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    Wax Seal Stamp

    Where can I get a Wax seal stamp in Cape Town?
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    Three Monitors

    Anyone done this? I have an application that projects songs onto a screen (Display 1), there is also an operator view (Screen 2). All good so far. What I now need is a 3rd screen for a remote area that needs a video feed with the words overlayed, besides expensive green screen hardware, my...
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    I'm trying to configure my account at MySIPSwitch. Anyone got it working? I can setup my FWD account to make calls - but cannot recive calls on any account registration. Edit: just got FWD to work, but seems intermittent.