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    South Africa moves to adjusted level 4 lockdown

    Some people are going to have more than their July holidays screwed... More job losses incoming.
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    South Africa to look at move to higher lockdown level: report

    I can't be retrenched again... please don't wish for Level 5.
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    Ramaphosa in lockdown meetings as advisors push for move to level 3 for South Africa

    Those of you pushing for Level 5 - many people will be without jobs etc. I was one of those to be retrenched during the first lock down. It is not fun. And if you are so worried about Covid - stop going to restaurants and shopping malls unnecessarily.
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    South Africans should never have accepted load-shedding 14 years ago - Eskom

    Never knew I had a choice. Live and learn.
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    Afrihost will buy majority stake in Cool Ideas

    I don't think this a wise decision by CISP. I am not with CISP, but knowing that Afrihost is a majority shareholder means I wouldn't consider joining CISP going forward. Sorry. Just being honest. Afrinatic is awesome though. AH needs to look after him. Each to their own. Yes, many swear by AH...
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    Fibre Test Accounts

    Thanks. Came right.
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    Fibre Test Accounts

    Ok so no testing. How do I go about switching to a different ISP should I not be satisfied with my current ISP? Is it as simple as cancelling with my current ISP and signing up with a new one? Or how does it work?
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    Fibre Test Accounts

    Thank you for quick reply. Was hoping to test the different ISPs.
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    Fibre Test Accounts

    So, just recently joined Fibre on Vumatel. Is there a way to test different ISPs like I could on adsl? Heard Cool Ideas is pretty good. Thanks in advance.
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    LG Oled CX Series - 65 or 55 inch?

    I have the CX 55". Wow. What a tv. Best I have ever owned.
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    Does Employer's drug use constitute constructive dismissal at the CCMA?

    I don't normally respond to threads like this, but I reckon you should just move on, let the psychologist help you and fix your family life. Mr X needs to become an ex - forget about him and move on. Focus on your life and family.
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    Rand Water’s distribution network currently under severe pressure

    Oh fcking well done South Africa. Fcking piece of $h1t.