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    Herotel 1GBPS Lines

    It would seem you are correct. I cant find anyone that actually has 1gbps fibre from Herotel. I think they only introduced the 1gbps packages to look like a bigger competitor in the market when they cant actually offer that to the majority at least.
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    1-Grid Hosting

    I agree, 1-Grid hosted some sites for our company and all kinds of weird expensive add-ons. When I joined the company and requested cancelations for our services it litterally took years to cancel. 3 years later they are still invoicing domain renewals, and when I email or call, they tell me...
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    AMD EPYC VPS Beta Testers Required - Round 2 - More awesomeness

    Hey @Jade @ Absolute Hosting , if you need some more beta testers, I'm willing and able.
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    Static IP for home use

    I used OpenVPN Server on a VPS and dial my machine into that for a static IP. Set up the port forwards and everything. It works very well!
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    Static IP for home use

    There are so many DLC maps now, and we are hosting the full cluster, so they are very RAM intensive. The 2 latest maps (DLC's) uses anywhere from 8-13GB per map and the older maps a bit less. My machine running Windows Server 2019 uses about 95-105GB running, so a bit less for the Ark servers...
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    Static IP for home use

    Sounds like a great offer. I host a Ark server and we have a nice little community. What specs do you sponsor on such a VM? My Ark servers uses about 110GB of RAM, and runs on SSD's for better performance. They are not very CPU intensive, but like higher frequency (2.5ghz or above).
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    Herotel 1GBPS Lines

    Hello guys and gals. Has anyone here actually got the 1GBPS fibre line from Herotel? I have been a customer of theirs for a while now, started on the fastest they offered when I got the fibre, which was 100mbps. When their new pricing launched a few months ago I was so stoked to get the 1GBPS...
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    Test your broadband speed - win prizes worth R25,000

    This is MTN, from my mobile phone, inside our office building.
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    Test your broadband speed - win prizes worth R25,000

    I'm guessing I dont have to say too much about Rain. The service and ratings speak for themselves.
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    Mi-Link Data Usage via SimShare Data Usage Wrong?

    Hello Guys. So I'm having a issue with a company called Mi-Link, that has a app which you can download to your phone, buy data on their platform, and then wait for a SMS from MTN to notify that you have been linked to a simshare data device. Their app on my mobile then tracks the data usage...
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    Affordable Windows VPS Hosting in South Africa

    If anyone are still looking for VPS machines and dont mind hosting in Germany: 4vCPU 8GB RAM 200GB SSD Storage 200Mbit internet 4.99EURO (LINUX 4.99EURO + 4.99 EURO (WINDOWS LICENSE) I doubt you will will find cheaper for that specs anywhere.