Mi-Link Data Usage via SimShare Data Usage Wrong?


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Aug 11, 2011
Hello Guys.

So I'm having a issue with a company called Mi-Link, that has a app which you can download to your phone, buy data on their platform, and then wait for a SMS from MTN to notify that you have been linked to a simshare data device.

Their app on my mobile then tracks the data usage as it shows how much data is left, and when it detects you have used the amount of data you paid for, it delinks you from the simshare.

Now I have previously used their 3G Modem (which was a retrofitted low budget 3G phone) and their 4G Router (which was some import with custom software) and that to my knowledge had no issues. Since I've started using their app that does simshare to your phone I've been having missing data constantly.

I did report it to the owner but he was very grumpy and suggested if I'm not happy I should just stop using the service and told me he will refund me and cancel my service immediately. I do not want his, as I'm really keen to see if the app is accurate and my phone and apps are wrong, or if something on their end is flawed and we are getting ripped a new one here.

I used a app called "My Data Manager" to check my mobile data usage compared to theirs. Nearly 2GB used in one day, the app shows under 100mb. I know I've had wifi for most of the day so I don't agree with their usage counter.

I have installed Glasswire to also monitor this and this also disagrees with their usage. I did notify the owner of their company, again after telling me to cancel my service and that he doesn't do tech support, he shared with me a screenshot from their side showing my data usage much higher than my app measurements. He then informed me the "My Data Manager" app is flawed as it only counts data once instead of all the times the data retries to send. I will share the screenshots here.

So this morning when I checked I know there was about 700mb left, which was about 9AM or so I'd guess. At 11:36AM as per screenshot I had a minus balance of data.

This is a screenshot at the same time as you can see, what "My Data Manager" says I used on Mobile data for the day, and as you can see I'm connected to Wifi, and have been for most of the day.
Screenshot_20200619-113623_My Data Manager.jpg

Glasswire had the same statistics as "My Data Manager" and doesnt correspond to what the next screenshot from the provider shows:


I'm trying to figure out what would be the absolute most accurate way to test this. Make sure that the data usage is right/not right.

I'm using a Samsung Note 10+ device on 4G, and I'm wondering if the normal connection to my network isnt counted against my data usage via their app, as I understand if I'm connected via 4G, calls and all are routed over the 4G data network?
Any one that understands how MTN Network Usage works that can help me?