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    HP iPAQ hx2110 Pocket PC - Need screen

    Hi everyone. I dropped my iPaq and it has several cracks in the screen. It's barely usable :o I know that many of them are lying in drawers, all over the country as they were a bit finicky and generally buggy. I'm desperately...
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    Backup to ISO

    Hi guys I'm looking for software that will do scheduled incremental backups of my C drive to an ISO image on another drive. It's for home use, so the huge corporate commercial software packages are a bit of an overkill...
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    Bulls rock Thread

    +10 Epic reply!
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    I've run into the beast and I'm at my wits end...formatting seems the only option :eek: Has anyone beaten it? I'm not interested in Google results, I've tried them all. If you have conquered this tartar, please let me know how you did it :o
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    Vista HDD - Cannot explore as external drive

    Hi Guys I have a Vista Laptop that refuses to boot - It bluescreens. I need to get My Documents from the hard drive. So, no worries - I remove the hard drive and put it into my external drive housing (SATA), and try browsing it from my XP Desktop. Great, I can browse everything...
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    I have friends that are on the brink of a divorce, just because of snoring. This has gone so far that they are sleeping in separate bedrooms, after only two years of marriage :eek: Surely, in the 21st century, there is something to be done about such a simple problem!?
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    Catch 22 Computer Problem

    Hi guys – this one is not for the faint hearted :( I have a desktop PC. The keyboard and mouse PS2 ports, on the MB got damaged. I replaced the keyboard and mouse with USB ones (important clue). When I start the PC it Blue-screens, at some stage. When I restart it gives me the option...