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    Which smartphone do you currently use?

    Samsung S9 & Samsung S7
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    Rain is down

    Down in Plattekloof ‍♂️
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    Vox terminating Rain LTE support

    I signed up with Vox for Rain LTE about 2 years back. Even though Rain stopped selling, they were still supporting their existing clients through the different ISP's. However Vox support said to me, "They will be no longer supporting Rain LTE and they have a new Provider coming in, they're still...
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    F1 2019 season discussion and chat.

    I reckon young Shumi will replace Giovinazzi or Kimi in the Alpha in 2021. No way he'll jump into a Ferrari just like that.
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    Rain LTE not Working?

    I'm in Cape Town, Plattekloof side, the speeds are back to normal.
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    Rain LTE not Working?

    Its up and running in Cape Town now.
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    Rain LTE not Working?

    Still no Connection, I called my ISP, they said RAIN network issues around CPT area were resolved. The ISP has now lodged a new complaint with RAIN since they can't figure out what seems to be the issue.
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    Rain LTE not Working?

    Tweet from VOX
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    Rain LTE not Working?

    Hi, I'm on RAIN LTE and based in Cape Town and currently no internet access. Anyone else experiencing this issue?
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    Rain Speeds in Cape Town

    I'm in Plattekloof...