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    SABC wants South African Netflix viewers to pay TV licence fees

    Just a sort of tax that they gave a name and trying to give meaning/reason. Much easier to tell all taxpayers that they have to pay R350 tax each month from now on to fund some of the new grants payments. Then we will all still complain but can't do anything about. Same as hiking income tax...
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    How much money do you earn? And how do you spend it?

    Any updates on your salaries... Lucky ones still have jobs, some lost their jobs.
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    Past and current ponzis and other scams

    Crowd 1 a ponzi?? Can't be...
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    FMF: Cigarette ban in SA could last until 2021

    What do you do with a witch... They are gonna burn her
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    Covid19 & expectant parents

    No visits before, during or after birth. You drop your wife when the time comes and pick her and the baby up when they can go home.
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    Huawei P30 for sale R7500neg

    Any offers
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    Huawei P30 for sale R7500neg

    Item name: Huawei P30 Black Age and condition: brand new, sealed box a1 Do you include packaging: Yes Warranty: manufacturer warranty Reason for selling: Already have the same phone. Price: R7500 including shipping Negotiable: try me Location: George Shipping or collection: postnet or...
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    Home Loan Rates - Standard Bank

    So I can get a quote from SA homeloans and then they will cover my fees also? Does sa homeloans have a flexi account like the banks? Do they restart the loan duration from scratch?
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    Home Loan Rates - Standard Bank

    This is Standard bank's response to me asking for a better rate: "It is my pleasure to advise you with your request for a better interest rate. Kindly be advised that as this is an existing account, interest rate is not reviewed after the registration of the bond. You have agreed to the terms...
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    Telkom cutting off ADSL subscribers - Here are the alternatives

    No Fibre or rain at my house. 400gb usage a month So what do you offer me?
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    Property Investment: Purchasing a House or an Apartment

    Not at all... It depends if you can work with your money. Lots of people can pay a bond every month because you HAVE to, but not many have the dissipline to save a set amount for 20 years.
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    Property Investment: Purchasing a House or an Apartment

    That is of you have a bunch of cash available. If not, you have to take a loan and at least you have a house at that end.
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    Healthy/Gym/Muscle building snacks

    5 eggs in a glass, don't blend, directly into throat