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  • Good day

    I'm also having the same issue... Please email me a link to latest firmware

    Model 50A6100UW? I am currently running software version va002.01.00a.l0929
    Hi there,

    Please could you confirm if there is a firmware update for the Model 50A6100UW? I am currently running software version va002.01.00a.10929.

    My TV disconnects from both the WiFi and my Netflix account every time I switch the TV off.


    Please can you send through the latest firmware for my tv?

    Model: 50A6100UWTS
    Software version: VA002.01.00a.I0730

    Thank you in advance
    Good day. Can you please provide me with a link where I can download the latest firmware for my Hisense 43A6100UW (Current: VA001.01.00a.I0730)? The one on the website doesn't work.

    Thank you.

    I tried the software update on hisense website and others shared on this forum but it is not working. @Hisense SA could you please send me a link for the latest correct firmware for a HE65A6100UWTS.
    Installed Version: VA001.01.00a.l0929.
    Need updated software for netflix to work.
    Good day,

    I have a 55A6100UW. I contacted Hisense Support as I have the problem with DSTV Now and Showmax not being able to play anything (I just get the blue circle) I was sent this Firmware - usb_HEA6100UWTS 2.bin (732 +/- MB)

    I formatted a new USB as FAT32. I copied the .bin file into the root of the USB (No folders or anything)
    Both methods to update firmware failed. Please send me link to correct firmware plz
    Hey there.
    My hisense 49K3110PW seem to have lost it's neflix.
    I have d/loaded the software from your side, unzipped and tried to install as per the directions of the site.
    All to no avail.
    Is there some secret method that I need to know about.
    Please advise
    Hisense SA
    Hisense SA
    Is your TV still in warranty?
    Hisense SA
    Hisense SA
    Format USB in Fat32 or Fat16
    The file you downloaded from the Hisense website, should be extracted a few times until it becomes a *.bin or *.pkg
    Put that in your root directory.

    Updating TV
    Unplug TV from the wall.
    Insert USB stick into a USB 2.0 port.
    Hold down the remote power button(pointing to TV) while connecting the power cable back in, until you get an update screen.
    Let it finish
    Hisense SA
    Hisense SA
    If your TV is still in warranty you can request a callout from service.
    Hi, I have 2 hisense tv's both the 6100 model. 43 and 65. Can u assiste with the netflix issue? Installing from a usb doesnt seem to work
    Hisense SA
    Hisense SA
    Please provide me with your firmware version for each model number?
    go to settings - support - System Info - Version (on your tv)
    Hisense SA
    Hisense SA
    Please inbox me the full model names and firmware versions.
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