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    Need to convert VHS tapes to digital format

    Where does one buy a VCR nowadays? Can't find anything online (JHB).
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    Need to convert VHS tapes to digital format

    Good day all. I searched the topic and came across threads that did not answer my query (the person in the top result already had the machine to do the conversion). I need to buy the actual hardware to convert the tapes to digital format. I have around 100 tapes that I want to convert to...
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    If you left South Africa where would you go?

    UAE or Canada (English speaking part)
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    UberGo affordable e-hailing service now available in South Africa

    I've been using Uber Nam since December and at first there were few cars. Conditions were your destination could not be the airport. What I noticed was that the same cars on the regular Uber were on Nam. I've never had a hatchback pick me up. It's also the same drivers too. They do complain...
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    My contract SIM forced to roam

    Firstly let me begin by saying how ignorant I am/was. Last year I went off overseas for holidays and only returned when my airline emailed us saying their last flights would be in the middle of Jan. So I was completely unaware of anything regarding Cell C. This morning while using my phone, I...
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    Should fireworks be banned?

    I've had dogs most of my life and Guy Fawkes, Xmas and New year's were horrible times. My poor dogs would be so frightened. I used to love fireworks before we got a dog. Our family would also buy them and set them off like everyone. We stopped after getting our puppy. Although I am no longer a...
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    Do you still listen to the radio?

    Nope. It's been 6 years. I discovered podcasts and Spotify for my music needs. I missed the DJ mixes and found YouTube mixes and the website MixCloud (no copyright strikes that YouTube is famous for)
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    How well do you get along with your neighbours?

    I greet my neighbours and have small talk but that's it. We are on the same WhatsApp neighbourhood group so we can let each other know of any suspicious activities. Nothing beyond that.
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    International travel, when will you?

    I've booked my overseas flight for December. I will be staying with my sister and her hubby in their comfy guest bedroom. I'm not concerned about lockdown restrictions possibly being reintroduced because it will simply mean I stay there longer. If it were an Airbnb or hotel then I wouldn't risk...
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    Samsung Note 10 Lite and YouTube premium

    Before this new Samsung Note of mine, I rarely ever watched YouTube on my phone. Been using adblock+ for a long time on (desktop) browsers. I never see ad interruptions. I use Spotify while on the move and it works great for me. I was just curious to try this out for the sake of Yt Premium...
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    Samsung Note 10 Lite and YouTube premium

    Hey folks, A few years ago I heard of the deal between Samsung and YouTube where certain Samsung phones could get months of premium YouTube after buying a new Galaxy S or Note device. Is this still the case? While browsing on the YouTube app, it says something about getting 2 months free...
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    HERE WeGo is the new Google Maps alternative for Huawei phones

    This is a great app. I too had a Nokia back in the days. I did a lot of driving for a living and was looking for a Garmin or other navigation device when I heard about the Nokia Navigators. Bought one and downloaded the entire SA map on the little phone. Worked great with no internet or even...
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    Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

    I'm waiting till next week before I upgrade from 19.4LTS. They weren't kidding when they said there would be no more updates for my current version. I normally skip the x.10 Ubuntu versions.
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    Lockdown speeds - One mobile network is getting hammered more than others

    I'm on cell C: have a data only contract. We can't roam. Just thought I'd mention that. As in, I can't connect to the MTN network and use my data that way. My SIM works anywhere with Cell C towers/coverage.
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    Cell C looking to sell contract subscribers to Vodacom

    As a former prepaid Vodacom subscriber (ditched them years ago), I am not happy about this. My Cell C contract is up for renewal this year and if this goes through, I'm out. I rooted for the newcomers who managed to shake things up a bit and forced VC and MTN to lower their prices. I have no...