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    Best ADSL option?

    Hello! I am currently using Afrihost Mobile Data (8gigs for around R300 a month). I'm looking to switch to ADSL/DSL option with more data but have been out of that game so long. Who offers the best package for a similar amount of data (or more) and cost? And how horrible is it to go...
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    Kaspersky Internet Security 2016 wont let me access router login

    I've recently installed Kaspersky Internet Security 2016 on my Windows 10 laptop and now cannot access my router login / admin page. I've tried adding Chrome and IE as programme exclusions, completely exiting the programme as well as MalwareBytes - nothing works. I can access the admin page from...
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    Laptop with only one audio/mic port

    Hi! I recently bought a laptop - it only has one input port for mic and headphones (has symbol next to it for both). Is this normal? And what headsets would work with this? I need something for Skype that isnt too expensive - anyone have a suggestion for me? :)
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    Mobile Router Advice

    Hi! I had something like this little mobile router: But my battery is dead and I can't get a replacement locally (the only international site that Afrihost can recommend wont ship batteries to South Africa). SO my question is...
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    Skype on Afrihost MiFi

    Hi there, Can anyone help me out with the following? 1) How well does Skype video/voice calling work on Afrihost Mifi? 2) How data does video calling eat vs. how much data does just voice calling eat? Thanks!!
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    ADSL/Broadband/Internet Advice

    No idea which forum to post this in, so trying here. I'm looking advice on the best internet deal out there - that doesn't require me going through Telkom. I'm based in Claremont area in Cape Town. Would want to be able to do video chatting on Skype, stream YouTube videos as well as...
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    BB using my Airtime NOT BIS

    I've figured out that my BlackBerry is using my airtime, NOT my BIS. I spoke to a Vodacom consultant, they told me to check the Advanced Settings > TCP IP and check if APN Settings were enabled (they're not). He can't give me any explanation for why it's eating my airtime, he's activated Service...