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    Buying a holiday home

    Yes def like you said. Would like to buy one in order to have a few weekends away per year with friends and family and then rent it out the rest of the time. For example the place I stayed at over the weekend cost me R7k for four nights. The place is a two bedroom apartment, not directly on...
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    Buying a holiday home

    Great questions, coincidentally I just got back from a weekend in umhlanga and was seriously considering investing in a holiday flat, which will be rented out most of the time (except my families weekends there) Can anyone share any information on the income? (Enough to cover bond etc?) I...
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    Do you use cash?

    Because of the CC commission, Spar sells volumes and the little house shops don’t. Markup on electricity, airtime etc is low.
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    Test your broadband speed - win R5,000 cash

    RSAweb 1gig line -.-
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    Frogfoot/ RSA Web any good?

    I actually used that server as well, same result unfortunately. If I remember correctly, they trenched this entire lynnwood area in 2019. So relatively new, I only changed over from openserve, which I had for many years, because of the price/ speed increase ratio. If they can’t sort it out...
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    Frogfoot/ RSA Web any good?

    Gosh I didn't even notice my test server addresses were in CPT :') But even when I change them to JHB/PTA I still get the same result. On Wifi I get +-400mb down and +-350mb up (this is from the routers wifi, I'm waiting to get a good price to upgrade my older 100mb unifi APs with newer AC...
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    Frogfoot/ RSA Web any good?

    Thanks for all the info man! Here are my speed test results. Something doesn't smell right here. All my switches and routers are gigabit and my cables are cat 6. Its weird because I heard only good things about RSAweb before choosing an ISP
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    Frogfoot/ RSA Web any good?

    Thanks, I took the leap and they installed yesterday with activation this morning. Installation team were late by 2 hours but they were amazing. Very professional and a very clean installation job especially considering our house was a bit tricky to get it where I wanted it. I had to pay in an...
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    Frogfoot/ RSA Web any good?

    Hi everyone, Just wondering what the general consensus of Frogfoot and RSA Web is? Reason being is that they have a 1000mb up and 1000mb down package for R1497 in my area whereas I’m currently paying around R1k for my VOX/ Openserve capped account - which I really cannot complain about...
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    Family Business vs Professional Career

    I had the same choice, family business paid for studies and post grad etc and when I was done I had to choose. Ended up going the family business route, the old man built a solid foundation and sold part of it to me. I brought in a lot of innovation and modernization to the way things are done...
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    Ford Ranger Raptor

    Hi Guys, I'm considering getting a Ford Ranger Raptor, I was wondering if there is anyone on here who has one and can help me with some real life SA stats like fuel economy, insurance estimates, personal reviews of it etc? Due to the nature of my work and my interests in getting into off...
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    The Gauteng Weather and Storm Warning Thread!

    Raining rather nicely in Lynnwood Manor
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    Thinking of buying into a fast food franchise - advice needed

    He’s asking because he wants to know more, which is the right thing to do. Even if he doesn’t buy this one, his curiosity has already awakened to be his own boss and step away from the 9-5 or whatever he does. (But - being your own boss especially for your first franchise/ business, means it’s...
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    Axxess uncapped Fibre

    They just wanna get your details on the system. That’s why they always have coverage. So one day when there is coverage they’ll be first responders
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    The Gauteng Weather and Storm Warning Thread!

    Rain and thunder in Lynnwood Manor, looks tasty! (Touching wood as not to jinx it [emoji1696])