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    Vodacom launches 5G mobile network

    They can't even deliver proper 4G, don't even mention 4G+. They throttle the data throughput so much I can't even stream Netflix or dstv. 5G doesn't excite me at all atm.
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    Is this symbol for Vodacom VoLTE?

    Is this symbol next to 4G for VoLTE on vodacom?
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    Vodacom Incorrect contract upgrade amount

    Same over the phone upgrade done end February 2020 also with a data package. After I opened a case as fraud at the police and a case against Vodacom at ICASA my recording was listened to and things started moving. Unfortunately any changes kicks into effect on the last day of the month. Which...
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    Vodacom utterly crap network last 2 months

    I hear all of you, same problems here, nightmare. As I mentioned in another post their LTE data is throttled 1000 fold. I was just told to activate VoLTE.. As if that will help data in any way.
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    Vodacom LTE slow

    Same, slow, extremely throttled LTE. :mad: all of March and April so far. Can't play games, or watch Netflix. Best speed i get is round 50kB/s.
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    We will not run out of content while you are stuck at home - Netflix

    Of course yes, They don't run out of all the cr@p they keep giving us to watch. EDIT: Comparing to the UK and USA
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    National lockdown looms for South Africa

    :eek: you've got a point.
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    National lockdown looms for South Africa

    Retail, selling parts for cars (in gearboxes, wheel bearings etc)
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    National lockdown looms for South Africa

    There is no reporting procedure yet that I can find online. Frustrating.
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    National lockdown looms for South Africa

    Many companies in my town are not closing for lockdown. The one I work for is one of them (whites work or no pay, other than white gets paid leave). I am afraid that I get arrested if they catch me on the roads, and if I refuse to come to work I lose my job. I work with public all-day in retail...
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    MTN - Why isn't there any more hype?

    Post edited, lol sorry. Was asking about MTN. It's Monday today for me .
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    MTN - Why isn't there any more hype?

    Hi, I was wondering, I am a Vodacom subscriber. (EDIT- Sorry, I'm asking about MTN) I don't see any news or complaints or any more hype about them. It's always the other networks that are mentioned each day. Is this because they are better than these other networks, are they actually doing...
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    Renew Contract over phone - DONT

    This is the second time this is happening to me, someone calls from vodacom and explains to you they have a better solution and lower price plan. I've repeatedly asked and confirmed certain facts, some of them were, 1. I will be able to transfer recurring airtime (no mention of a fee) to any...