Renew Contract over phone - DONT


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Sep 12, 2011
This is the second time this is happening to me, someone calls from vodacom and explains to you they have a better solution and lower price plan.

I've repeatedly asked and confirmed certain facts, some of them were,

1. I will be able to transfer recurring airtime (no mention of a fee) to any of my Flexi Packages. Guess what, I cant.
2. She confirmed everytime it's a 100day,50gb night data plan with no airtime. Guessed it, it's 50day, 100night, and it doesn't roll over as she said for yes, 90days (according to voda app I can't see this info)
3. She informed me after I asked her about me getting a new device and confusing me, I should get a new extra contract on the lowest possible plan, and get a device.
4. I was urged to buy a device cash.
5. Instructions and my new contracts were supposed to be emailed to me and smssed, never received.
6. She told me to not write everything down as she's going to send it with her direct number and name. I did write some of it down even though she was speaking very fast.
7. I've got 14 days to cancel this offer, which I doubt will be successful.

I've been lied to, and tricked into upgrading contracts I couldn't afford anymore.

Rather go to a Vodashop to handle your contracts. This over the phone thing is very tricky and confusing.


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Mar 1, 2009
Contact customer care from your cellphone. They will lodge your complain and if they do nothing (they might say it's a promotion by the call centre and they have no jurisdiction) them email the office of the CEO.


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Jun 1, 2016
I never do this.

The point I realised it was just a load of kêk was when they said on the phone they want to charge me something like R5 a month for an email address. I mean seriously, with Gmail, Outlook and a hundred other free mail providers they actually want to charge me for an address. Pffft.

But ja, the fast talking is part of their scam. Hope to confuse the hell out of you.


Feb 6, 2020
NEVER NEVER do upgrades over the phone. There is always a stuff up somewhere along the line.

Learnt the hard way. My mother was contacted a year ago over the phone to do an upgrade. She told the lady on the phone that she does not want to do an upgrade or renew her contract as she might be emigrating in a years time.

The lady on the phone told her that she can save her money and reduce the costs of her contract and was trying to be very convincing over the phone. My mother specifically told her that she does not want to upgrade the contract or renew the contract and that she stricting only wants to be on a month to month. The lady confirmed all this and processed the new month to month deal at a lower cost.

A year later when my mother decides she to emigrate, we found up that she was no longer on a month to month, but the lady had renewed her contract for an additional 24 months. I was furious!

So I had to fork out the money to pay the remainder of the contract in cancellation fees. :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

Whenever someone calls me to upgrade any type of cellphone contract, I always say no thank you and put the phone down immediately.


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Oct 1, 2008
Been on prepaid for 3 years now couldnt be happier. Device paid cash. Saving R1.2k a month :)